Lorenz Vilhelm Hinrichsen Biography

Lorenz Vilhelm Hinrichsen





Danish painter Lorenz Vilhelm Hinrichsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on January 4, 1865. His formal art studies began at the Metropolitan School in 1883, where he took the Second Examination in 1884. Additional studies included courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in April 1884 and a traveling study trip to Paris in the winter of 1890-91. He exhibited at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and at the Paris World's Fair, where he earned an honorable mention.

Hinrichsen played a significant role within the Artists' Association, where he was chairman in the periods 1905-09 and 1914-17. In addition, he was chairman of the Artists' Society from 1914-23. He was a member of the censorship committee at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 1901-02 and a member of the Academy's plenary assembly in 1901. In his last years, Hinrichsen led a secluded life. He died in Frederiksberg on August 9, 1929.

Awards: Neuhausen Prize (1897); Sødringske Encouragement Prize (1900); World's Fair, Paris, honorable mention (1900); Munich, gold medal (1901); Aarsmedaillen (1901, 1911); Eckerberg Medal (1911).

Selected exhibitions: Copenhagen Museum (1878); World's Fair, Chicago (1893); Göteborgs Konstmuseum (1896); Randers Art Museum, 1916.