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Tony Harrison




Tony Harrison, artist, printmaker and teacher, was born in England on August 18, 1931. He studied at the Northern Polytech, the Chelsea School of Art in London and the Central School of Arts and Crafts. Harrison moved to New York City in 1965 where he met his wife, artist Carol Strickler. He became a U.S. citizen soon after. Tony installed the first printmaking workshop at Columbia University where he taught etching and engraving for 25 years before retiring. Tony was a working artist all of his life in many mediums. His passion for drawing and exploring the West, shaped and inspired his work. He showed his work at a number of galleries including Bertha Schaefer and Anita Shapolsky NYC. Harrison later developed an intense interest in illuminated manuscripts which he shared world wide through his web site.

Tony Harrison passed away at his home in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Monday August 20, 2012.