Wedo Georgetti Biography

Wedo Georgetti




Guido “Wedo” Georgetti was born in Marche, Italy on May 11, 1911, and came to the United States when he was one year old. After a brief period in St Paul, the family settled in Tacoma, Washington. He grew up, attended high school, and began to study art there.  After moving to California in 1934, he shipped out of San Francisco as a merchant seaman for many years. Visiting the ports of the world, Georgetti obtained much of his subject matter from his travels.

Although in the 1940s he had become somewhat known for his watercolor art and prints, Georgetti was blacklisted by the government during the McCarthy era. He was not convicted, but it shed a negative light on his art, making it harder for him to sell his works. Despite this, Georgetti kept on painting, giving his unsold works to his friends and family. Georgeetti's work is in the collection of the National Gallery of Art.

Wedo Georgetti died at his home in Sausalito, California on December 12, 2005.