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Isabelle Proust




Photographer, painter, and printmaker Isabelle Proust was born in France on April 28, 1963. She began studying photography at an early age, using large format black and white images that she reworked with a variety of materials, "building" the surface to create a three dimensional feel, citing the ancient European fresco medium as an inspiration. This technique, developed over time, she now calls "Buon Frescoes".

In 2006 she began pursuing printmaking, focusing on drypoint and monoprint. Her technique currently explores the merging of the two mediums, in which she inks final plate with differing ink patterns. This style complements her subject matter, which often references dreams and ancient histories to create layered, delicate imagery. She also uses watercolor painting on rice paper and fabric to achieve a similar effect.

Proust now lives in California and exhibits locally and internationally, including frequent shows in France.