Carla Colsmann Mohr Biography

Carla Colsmann Mohr




Danish artist Carla Colsmann Mohr was born April 17, 1887 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. She studied art at the Sode-Meidahl school and was granted admission to the Academy in 1904. She later traveled to Holland, Italy and  France where she developed her own style, moving away from her mentor Viggo Johansen. A painter, she exhibited at the major exhibitions in Charlottenborg “without censorship.”  In 1914 she opened her own school in Copenhagen.

After participating for the first time in an exhibition exclusively with female colleagues (Marie Graae, Bizzie Hoyer, Sophie Pedersen and Olivia Holm-Møller amongst others), on February 7 1916, she co-founded the "Women Artists' Society” along with artists like Anne Marie Carl Nielsen, Anna Ancher, Heldvig Kinch and Marie Henriques.

In 1922 she took summer vacation in Odsherred, in the northwest corner of Zealand, Denmark, where she rented a house. That was before other members of the association also saw Odsherred and settled there after 1930, forming the artists’ colony that came to be known as the Odsherred Painters. In June of 1928 Carla married Sonny John Christian Mohr (1864-1943) after being hired to teach his children. The house she loved was called "Troldhøj" located on Vindekilde Strandvej, Faarevejle. It was former small farm and Sonny bought it for Carla. There was enough land that Sonny and Carla sold 10 acres in 1943/44.

Mohr exhibited extensively both as a landscape and portrait painter. She won numerous awards and scholarships, including the Academy’s Bielke scholarship three times.

Carla Colsmann Mohr died on July 4, 1974 in Birkerod, Denmark, on the island of Zealand.