Erling Solheim Biography

Erling Solheim




Erling Solheim was born in Bryggjan, Iceland in 1911. He has made a name for himself in the Nordfjord villages of Norway. Erling was son of teacher Anders Solheim and Anne Brobakke. After primary school, Solheim went to attend middle school in Ålesund, Norway and later secondary school at Eid. During his secondary-school years, he painted a number of pictures that were hanging on the walls in the school building.

Erling was a self-taught person in terms of drawing and painting. He never got the chance to get any education in the field where he showed so much talent. One of his first major works was the scene for the village hall at Blakset, done when when he was 17-18 years old. It shows the view towards the Hildeneset and the Innvikfjord. Solheim made hundreds of drawings with motifs from the Nordfjord villages, and most people in this area has seen one of his drawings. His style is characteristic and easily recognizable. The most common motifs are inspired by the Nordfjord countryside, frequently with animals that are depicted in a lively and realistic way. Many people think highly of his drawings and they are found in many a home in Nordfjord.

Erling Solheim died in Nordfjord, Norway in 1973