Jaromir Stretti-Zamponi Biography

Jaromir Stretti-Zamponi




Czechoslavakian engraver Jaromír Stretti – Zamponi  was born in Plasy, Bohemia on June 11, 1882. He was the brother of artist Viktor Stretti (Zamponi, his second surname was derived from his Italian great-grandmother). As an artist hw was self-taught. Stretti-Zamponi was active in Paris around 1912-13 and then returned to Prague. He is best noted as the author of etchings and aquatints in colors, inspired mostly in these two cities and Italy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pargue appointed a special officer in charge with furnishing the palace in 1920s, while the Czernin Palace was being reconstructed as a Czechoslovakian diplomatic headquarter. The decision was made to appoint an artist to the job, expecting his good taste. The artist in the charge was Prague painter Jaromír Stretti – Zamponi. Stretti – Zamponi made decisions concerning antiquities to be bought and shaped design of ceremonial rooms. Each lounge was designed in a particular style.

Jaromir Stretti-Zamponi died in Prague in 1959.