Terry Svat Biography

Terry Svat




Terry Svat graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art from Kent Stat University and she showed at various exhibitions internationally. Svat exhibited in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Brazil. Her prints are in many collections including the National Museum of Women Arts, Citibank, Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Svat also worked in commercial art in Ohio, Minnesota and the Washington D.C. area. As her family traveled, she was able to study, teach and work in various art related fields in the former Soviet Union, Chile, Argentina, Panama and Germany. She had one-person shows while she stayed in different countries, especially in Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Panama City, Panama; and Munich, Germany.

She would return to the United States regularly to keep up with the art trends and maintain relations with different organizations and galleries. Terry received her Masters of Art in art therapy from George Washington University in Washington D.C. Svat's work greatly portrayed monuments and legacies left behind by the civilization and times before. She was inspired and influenced during her travels, especially in her travels to South America and Germany.