Else von Schmiedeberg Blume Biography

Else von Schmiedeberg Blume




Though we haven’t found much on the life of Else von Schmiedeburg-Blume, we know that she was born on April 10, 1876 in Worbis, Saxony, Germany. She studied at the Leipzig Academy, with Heinrich Knirr at his school in Munich, and in Paris with Luciem-Simon at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. She wrote teaching books on painting techniques and composition. Her works can be found in galleries and museums throughout the world. Her linoleum cuts are often larger and are frequently more saturated in color, and often focus on still lifes and bouquets.I

In 1927 she taught and perhaps was the director at the drawing school of the Association of Berlin Artists (VdBK), where Emil Orlik also taught. In times when women were not yet admitted to study at the academies, the VdBK offered regular exhibitions, a drawing school (Käthe Kollwitz and Paula Modersohn-Becker were trained here for example) and even a pension fund.

Schmiedeberg-Blume, as a painter, was particularly concerned with the topics of landscape and portrait. As a graphic artist, she is still very much appreciated today for her impressionist, multicolored wood and linoleum cuts of flower still lifes, which do not deny the influence of Lovis Corinth. The date and location of her death, not yet established by us, is generally listed as around 1930.