Angel Zamarripa Landi Biography

Angel Zamarripa Landi




Angel Zamarripa Landi was born in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico on November 16, 1912.  He attended the Academia de Belles Artes “San Carlo” and the Escuela de las Artes del Libro where he learned printmaking, graduating in 1946.  At this point he was also signing his work as Angel Landi.


In 1947 Zamarripa, José Julio Rodriguez and Amador Lugo founded the Sociedad Mexicana de Grabadores and was the editor of their magazine “Estampa”


He was a member of the graphic union “Xylon” based in Zurich, Switzerland.  He married Carmen Perey, with whom he had a family.  He collaborated in major Mexican newspapers and magazines such as The Universal Illustrated, Thursday Excelsior, View, All, Latest News, Don Timid, IT and Excelsior. Together with Henry Loubet Jr., he did a column in Journal of magazines, signing as Tin and Ton. As a cartoonist he was the creator of Thorson (a parody of Tarzan) and Hanz and Fritz. He also sometimes signed his work with the name “Fa-Cha.” 


Zamarripa died in Mexico City on July 6, 1990.