Paul Whitman Biography

Paul Whitman




Whitman spent his boyhood on his father's ranch in the Texas Panhandle, and later moved with his family to St Louis, MO. After serving as a lieutenant in the Field Artillery in WWI, he sold insurance in St Louis. Abandoning the insurance business in 1925, he moved to California. After settling in Carmel, he embarked upon a long and successful art career. He had taken art classes at the University of Washington in St Louis and, after moving to the Monterey Peninsula, further studied with Armin Hansen.

Whitman taught locally at the Robert Louis Stevenson School and was a consultant to the State Department of Education. He died in Pebble Beach, CA on Dec. 11, 1950. The artist painted in several media but is best known for his watercolors of the Monterey area, fishing boats, and Mexico. Member: Calif. Society of Etchers. Exh: Int'l Society of Etchers (LA), 1928 (prize); Smithsonian Inst., 1929; Calif. State Fair, 1947 (prize); Monterey Peninsula Museum, 2002. In: CSL; Stanford University; Monterey Peninsula Museum (murals); MM. lnvw; Art Digest, Nov. 1929; AAA 1929-31; WWAA 1936-41.