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Marta Bowerley




Marta Bowerley was born Amelia Bauerle on November 12, 1873 in Bayswater, England. She was the daughter of German artist Carl Wilhelm Bauerle, who had moved to England in 1869. She studied at South Kensington Schools and the Slade School, later working as an illustrator, mostly notably contributing to The Yellow Book. Editions of Aucassin and Nicolette were published by the Ashendene Press (1901) and Eragny Press (1903). an illustrator, calligrapher and author. She wrote and illustrated Studio Picnics. Stories, talks and adventures in paints, which was published in 1936. She illuminated the text from The Pilgrim's progress and Bowerley often created decorations to accompany Violet Wilson's gilding and calligraphy on illustrated leafs.

Bowerley was included in the ninth exhibition of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society in 1910 at the New Gallery, London. Her work was also included in an Exhibition of Paintings and Craft, which also included Estella Canziani, Maud Eastman, Catherine Ouless, and Helen Rock, at Walker's Galleries, London from November 16 through 29, 1928. Her original calligraphy and paintings are in the collection of the Wolfsonian at Florida International University in Miami Beach.

Marta Bowerley appears to have died in London on March 4, 1916, however there is some question about that.