Maria Agnes Elisabeth Voigt Biography

Maria Agnes Elisabeth Voigt




Maria Agnes Elisabeth Voigt was born in Leipzig, Germany on August 5, 1893, the daughter of the chemist and manufacturer Karl Herrmann Voigt (1858-1929) and his wife Marie Louise (born Saupe) (1862-1935). From 1904 to 1909 she attended the Servier'sche higher girls' school, a private school, in Leipzig. Between 1910 and 1911 she lived in the United States, studying at the Morton Mc Michael School / William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, USA.

From 1911 to 1917 she studied at both the Royal and State Academies for Graphic Arts and Printing Arts in Leipzig. Following an interim work as laboratory assistant, she attended the United State Schools for Fine and Applied Arts in Berlin, formerly the Academic College of Fine Arts at Stone Place from 1919 to 1927. There, she studied with professors Ferdinand Spiegel (anatomy), Ernst Moritz Geyger and Erich Wolffield. Subsequently, she spent two years as an Atelier student of Carl Hofer.

In 1927 she first traveled to Tyrol and Rome, followed in 1929 a second trip to Italy, which was made possible by a grant from artist Max Liebermann, as an award for her oil painting “Lamentation on the Cross” 1921. From 1928 to 1933 Voigt studied as a master student with Käthe Kollwitz. In 1930 to 1933, she was also active working as a set designer for the Old Theater Leipzig.

Between 1934-35 she received from the Prussian Academy of Arts a Romstipendium to study at the Villa Massimo, a German art institute in Rome, Italy, one of the most important awards offered to German artists for study abroad. From 1932 to 1942 Voigt was a member of the Association of Berlin Artists. From 1935 she worked teaching graphic techniques at the Drawing and Painting School of the association and also worked as a freelance artist in Berlin.
Beginning in 1936 she began to summer vacation in Osttirol, in the municipalities of Kals and Matrei in Tyrol, Austria where much of her important works of art emerged. In 1945, during the war, her studio in Berlin Motzstrasse was bombed twice, and  much of her previous work was lost. Elisabeth Voigt then decided to return to Leipzig.

In 1947 she was appointed as a lecturer at the State Academy for Graphic Arts and Printing Arts Leipzig, today called HGB, (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst). She began by teaching basic studies, and later for the degree program, a position parallel to a teaching position at the Department of Art Education of the Institute of Education at the University of Leipzig. She retired in 1958 and began freelance work in Leipzig again.

Maria Agnes Elisabeth Voigt, known as Elisabeth Voigt died in Leipzig on November 1, 1977.