Harold Ernest Trefry Biography

Harold Ernest Trefry




Born in 1897 in Boston, Massachusetts, Harold Trefry moved to Eagle Rock, CA, in 1920 and studied painting and printmaking while working as a commercial artist. He attended Los Angeles's Chouinard and Otis art institutes, as well as the Art Center School, in the 20s. He is best known for his woodcuts, and was a student of Frank Morely Fletcher in Santa Barbara in the 1930's. He listed at 5136 Windermere Ave. in 1932, and in Hughes (1897-1983). He exhibited locally and won several first prizes at LA County Fairs. Trefry died on October 22, 1983, in Placentia, CA.

Exh.: First Eagle Rock Art Exhibit, 1929; 4th annual Eagle Rock art exhibit, 1932.