Paul Bough Travis Biography

Paul Bough Travis




Printmaker and painter Paul Bough Travis, born 1891, was raised on his family’s farm near Wellsville, Ohio. In 1913 he enrolled at the Cleveland School of Art (now the Cleveland Institute of Art), often studying under Henry Keller. With the onset of World War I he enlisted in the army, and was sent to France where he used any amount of free time to sketch the landscapes, architecture, and still lifes, using what was available.
Upon his return he began teaching at the Cleveland School; he would remain there for 37 years. In 1927 he embarked on a journey from Cape Town to Cairo, funded by the Karamu Theater and African Art Sponsors, both of Cleveland. He collected specimens for artistic research and filmed the landscapes and people he came across. This eight-month long trip would greatly influence his ensuing work.
Travis was a member of the Archeological Institute America; American Society for Aesthetics; and the Cleveland Museum of Modern Art, among others. Some exhibitions he participated in were at the Cleveland Museum of Art from 1920 – 1958; Golden Gate Exposition, 1939; Ohio Watercolor Association; Carnegie Institute; Art Institute of Chicago, and several others.  
Travis passed away in 1975.