Tomikichiro Tokuriki Biography

Tomikichiro Tokuriki




Tomikichiro Tokuriki was born in 1902 in Kyoto, Japan. Tokuriki attended the Kyoto School of Arts and Crafts with a two-year preparatory class and four years of regular training. He trained at the Kyoto College of Art for three years, and he graduated from Kyoto College in 1923.

While in college, Tokuriki began to work with sosaku hanga prints with the assistance of an old carver and printer. He joined the Hanga Association and met other artists of the sosaku hanga movement such as Hiratsuka, Masao Maeda, Kihachiro Shimozawa and others.

Tokuriki worked with two types of printing, sosaku hanga, which meant creative prints, and prints portraying soft colored Japanese landscape.

He traveled throughout Europe and the Unites States, and in the 1960's he opened several exhibitions of his artworks in major US cities like Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

In his hometown, Tokuriki lived in a two hundred year old house, where he had a large garden with cherry blossom trees. In his home he had a studio where he taught his students, and among them were students from oversea.

Tomikichiro Tokuriki died in 1999.