Helen M. Seegert Biography

Helen M. Seegert




Helena M. Seegert (nee Helena May Gould) was born in Carpenteria, California on December 22, 1907. She was a teacher, a sculptor who worked in stone carving, and a printmaker who worked in color woodcut. She may have been a student at the Santa Barbara School of the Arts where she would have learned block printing from Frank Morley Fletcher. Helen married fellow artist Frederick Seegert in 1927. Her work was exhibited at the Fine Arts Gallery in San Diego (later becoming the San Diego Museum of Art), the California Pacific International Exposition held in San Diego in 1935, the Palos Verdes Library that same year, and the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Diego in 1939. Seegert remained in Southern California and worked for eight years as an illustrator for Point Mugu Naval Air Station in Ventura County and she taught in Santa Barbara. She died in her hometown of Carpenteria on September 26, 1975.