Mabel Alington Royds Biography

Mabel Alington Royds




Mabel Royds studied at the Slade School of Art in London, but it was her extensive world travels and her friendship with the artist Walter Sickert, and other artists in his circle, in Paris that influenced her the most. At the turn of the century she went to Canada and taught at the Havergal College in Toronto. She returned to Britain to teach at the Edinburgh College of Art.

In 1913 she married the etcher Ernest Lumsden, and together they traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East and India, Her observations, particularly of peasant life in India served as subject matter for many of her woodcuts. By hand inking, after cutting her woodcuts on cheap wood boards bought from Woolworth's, she made prints, which have a freshness that contrasts with many of the more conservative British prints of the time. Her earliest prints date from before 1910, while the Indian subjects were made from 1920-30. After her return to Britain she exhibited widely, with considerable success.