John Lumsden Propert Biography

John Lumsden Propert




John Lumsden Propert was born on April 9, 1834 in England. Propert became a well-known Victorian doctor of medicine who also proved an accomplished engraver, most notably producing etchings and reproductions of works by J.M.W. Turner. His engraving of the Turner's Wreck of a Transport Ship is regarded as exceptional. Propert started exhibiting at the Royal Academy in 1877 and also showed examples of his work at the Royal Society of Painters and Etchers in 1881. He stopped engraving in 1887 after completing about forty prints.

Working in etching and mezzotint Propert’s own work consisted mainly of landscapes and architectural views. He contributed etchings to the publications The Etcher and The Portfolio. Propert is known for an interesting study on the history of miniatures. He also authored several articles on English miniatures, of which he owned an impressive collection.

John Lumsden Propert died on March 7, 1902 in London, England.