Frederick Monhoff Biography

Frederick Monhoff




Frederick Monhoff was born in New York City on November 23, 1897.  During his childhood his family moved to the West Coast and settled in Los Angeles.  After serving in the Navy in World War I, Monhoff returned to California where he graduated in 1921 from the University of California, Berkeley with a Masters in Art. 

A painter, printmaker, lecturer, teacher and architect, he taught at Otis Art Institute for twenty-four years and later at the Pasadena Art Institute.  Monhoff began traveling to New Mexico in the late 1920’s.  During his visits to Santa Fe, he used a portion of the basement of the Museum of New Mexico as a studio.  An etching press had been set up which Monhoff shared with Willard Nash, Will Shuster and others. 

His art affiliations included memberships in the California Society of Printmakers and the Chicago Society of Etchers.  Public collections holding his work include the Library of Congress, Los Angeles County Museum, Brooklyn Museum, M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, Museum of News Mexico and the National Museum of American Art.