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Daniel Masclet




Daniel Masclet, landscape and figurative-portrait photographer, was born in Blois, France in 1892. Though he started out as a professional cellist, he compiled an album of photographs (now lost) in the First World War, and in the 1920s frequented the Photo-Club de Paris.

Photography soon became his primary focus, and he would eventually work for Harper's Bazaar (where he was Baron de Meyer's technical assistant) and Vogue, and in 1928 he opened a studio in Paris, specializing in historicist portraits. After a decisive came after meeting Edward Weston in 1933.  Masclet's style soon became influenced by the modern minimalist, abstract landscapes. He published a variety of books on the subject of photography, including: Nus: La Beauty de la Femme, in 1933. An exhibition curator, juror, and critic, he was a major figure on the European photographic scene.

Masclet died in Paris in 1969.