Soren Jorgensen Lund Biography

Soren Jorgensen Lund




Soren Jorgensen Lund was born at home on December 12, 1852 in Faaborg, Denmark to a farming family. He studied art in an apprenticeship with Syrak Hansen in Faborg and then went on to graduate from the Technical School and attended the Academy between 1874 and 1882.
Lund traveled extensively throughout Europe in the early 1900’s. He began teaching at the Technical School in 1889 and exhibited regularly in Charlottenborg (54 times) as well as exhibiting in Paris, Chicago, Gotenborg, etc.
In 1912 he became a member of the Grafic Artists Society and did illustrations in lithography.
Lund was an associate of the Fynbo Circle, especially Peter Hansen. Painter Fritz Syberg (1862 – 1939) said of Lund’s work: "in all modesty he carried on the traditions of Lundbye in his animal paintings" (Johan Lundbye was a Danish painter, reknowned for his animal paintings, who died at age 29 in the Three Years War).
Soren Lund died on February 13, 1933 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He is buried in Copenhagen.