Oluf Jensen Biography

Oluf Jensen




Carl Christian Oluf Jensen (1871-1934), painter, printmaker, and ceramist, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 17, 1871. He graduated from technical school in 1890 and then studied at the Royal Danish Academy until 1985. That same year he apprenticed at Royal Copenhagen as a blue painter and worked for the company until 1934, painting art pottery and porcelain and eventually managing the underglaze departments. Jensen also worked at Holmegaard Glassworks in 1924. 

Jensen is best known for his decorative painting on ceramic but he was also highly regarded painter in oil and watercolor. He also produced etchings in black and white, and in color whose motifs were floral or landscape. His etchings are often signed Oluf Jensen.

Today Jensen is considered with Arnold Krog as the artists who had the greatest impact on the development the Danish underglaze porcelain. Examples of his decorated porcelain are in the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm. Carl Christian Oluf Jensen died in Copenhagen on January 31, 1934.