Gerhard Bakker Biography

Gerhard Bakker




Gerhard Bakker born in 1906, printmaker, painter, and photographer studied and taught art at the Kunst Gewerbeschule in Solingen, Germany, until 1929.  In 1930, at the age of 23, he came to Milwaukee and enrolled at the Layton School of Art where he studied until 1932 with Gerrit Sinclair and others.  He was briefly employed by the WPA as an artist before studying at the Broadmoor Art Academy in Colorado, under Boardman Robinson, Ward Lockwood, and Tabor Utley. His ever-varied career led him to mechanical engineering for the A.O. Smith Corporation and industrial design at the Baird Company. In 1937 he joined the faculty of the Layton School, where he taught in most of the school’s curriculum and started its photography department.

Exhibitions: Milwaukee AI, 1932 (prize); Ann. Exh. Blockprints, Wichita, Kans., 1936 (prize), 1937 (prize); Denver AM, 1936 (prize); Wis. Salon of Art, 1936 (prize); Ann. Exh. Wis. PS, Milwaukee, 1936 (prize); S.Indp.A. Member: Wis. PS; Wis. PM; Prairie PM; Southern PM Soc.